Meider Jonno Asha
[Hope for Girls] 2014

 All Saints ‘ ASHA Support

This is All Saints’ 8th year of support for the ASHA Project.  It is a Scottish Charity which supports, and trains groups of poor, young women from the slums of Dhaka City, Bangladesh, to become self supporting individuals largely by the sales of their embroidered goods.  The ASHA  Project , founded by Ally Nurre’s sister Rosey and her husband Michael, originally launched a school for girls.  This being now largely self supporting, Rosey and Michael have looked beyond the school to support the graduates find livelihoods—“Next Steps Asha”. The program steers and assists in the young womens’  exit from poverty and prevents a temptation to work for the “sweat shops” or a return to the streets. 

Over the past 10 yrs we have found ways to raise money, the most adventurous being the 2006 Pancake Race held at Nativity School.   More often than not we hold ASHA TEAS and sell embroideries made by the girls, or simply hold an after church sale at coffee hour. This year we hope to expand these sales to other local diocesan churches. 

This year we celebrated St. David's Day (March 1) with a community event at the parish, welsch songs and harp music, evening tea and wine. This event raised over $1500.

See the organization in action here.

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