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Membership in the Episcopal church is stated as a person who works, prays, and gives for the spread of the Kingdom of God. The application of that principle would apply to the Episcopal Church in general, the Diocese of Southern Ohio and in particular through All Saints Church and the work of All Saints in the community.


All Saints grows in unexpected and wonderful ways every time we join together as a community, whether it be for worship, learning, fellowship, or community service. We support the work of the Kingdom and each other with our presence. Together we strive to "make a positive difference" in the lives of others and in so doing in our own lives.


Prayer is the foundation of our relationship with God and prayer is what helps us to strengthen that relatonship both in speaking and in listening. Prayer comes in as many forms as there are people. Prayer is a corporate act when we pray for others during worship. Prayer is also a private act as we offer prayers to support the building of the Kingdom of God. We all need prayer. Our work in the parish and in the community needs our prayers. The world needs our prayers.


All Saints welcomes your particular gifts, and we hope that you will feel encouraged to bring new ideas, new energies, and new projects to the church. Members of the parish contribute time and money, involving themselves in the governance, growth, and the community life of the church, as well as service to our neighboring communties. All members prayerfully reflect on their experience of giving and renew their commitment at the time of the annual pledge drive in October. We encourage one another to move toward tithing (10% of our income).

Want more information?

Call the parish offices at 513-531-6333 and request an appointment with the rector or one of the parish staff. Because God draws everyone into friendship, we support the education and growth of all people who come to All Saints Church.

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